Rural Area AC Street Lights Reformation

The Tongzhou district rural area A/C street lights reformation project was carried out on 6th, Sep, 2009, and came to a completion on 6th, Nov, after a process of 60 days under the cooperation of Tongzhou district government and Beijing Lightingtown Mechanical &.Electrical Engineering Co.,Ltd. After professional inspection, the project completely meets the standard, which indicates the beginning of the rural area LED lighting system reformation in Tongzhou district. It provides a new successful example on new-countryside constructions for people to draw lessons from, and strengthens the direct cooperation of enterprises with the government at the same time.
    The Tongzhou district government sent bid invitation to all the public for the project of overall reformation on the rural area street lighting system in order to respond to the policy of building new socialism countryside on early August, 2009. After intensely competition and careful comparison, Beijing Lightingtown got the bid considering its strong capacity and good reputation.
    The project is approved as TC2009-105, with a invest of over 240million RMB. It includes digging and filling soil for the lampposts and cable channels, circuit laying, the installation and modification of 518 LED street lamps and the control systems. In order to ensure the quality and punctuality of the project, Beijing Lightingtown sets up a special project team, organized by the project manager Yang wenxian and responsible by engineer Pan Wuliang for the construction working site. The whole process moves forward strictly according to the contract and meets the requirements and standards of the corresponding policies, while under the supervision and cooperation of the authority supervisors.
    The project finally meets its completion after a construction of two months hard working. It improves the street lamp lighting system of Tongzhou district, which benefits the management and people's life and meets the requirements of low-carbon life development of the country. As the contract party of the project, Beijing Lightingtown sticks to its principles of "serving with heart and changing for you", guaranteing the success of the construction based on its high efficiency, professional team and strong capacity. 
(Edited by Terry)
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