Brief News--Exterior Light Project of Rainbow KTV


12th, March, 2010    The exterior light project of Rainbow KTV was accomplished flawlessly under the construction by Beijing Lightingtown Mechanical &.Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd, who has widely received reputation in LED area.
    The Rainbow KTV is situated to the east of the Century Square of Pinggu District, Beijing. It is one of the most influenced KTV entertainment centres with a business area of more than 4,000 m2. To present Rainbow's advantages as a first-grade entertainment centre, it decided to take an exterior light project which was designed and carried out by Beijing Lightingtown.
    The whole design was especially made by Zhai Dongyong, a professional in designing fields. The design aimed to give prominence to the typical features of Rainbow KTV and its elegance. As its name Rainbow implicates, the design bears lively appearance, majestic and full of connotation as well. The periphery is equipped with D50 LED hurdle camps, harmonized with flowing water and other gradual change effects, while the text in the middle are made up with LED acrylic clusters. The beauty of the overall effect is beyond description. At the day of its lighting,
        "Smile with a glance back it bears full of charming
         Pale in comparison become all other buildings ."
    This project is the production of combination with high technology and unique creation ideas. The Rainbow lights itself more than ever with the LED lighting ornaments, which also adds up a fine scenery to the road of Xinping East. This is vividly and incisively exemplifies Beijing Lightingtown's perfect creativity and authority status.
                                                                                                                                                                     (Editor:Terry William)


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